The “Final Days of President Kennedy” is a Dallas/Fort Worth Texas area smartphone tour featuring a combination of audio recordings, photos, maps and detailed information – all of which provides a historically accurate representation of the events and people associated with the assassination of President John F Kennedy on Nov 22, 1963.

Download the tour from the iPhone App Store, the Android Market and the Windows Store. Search for the “Final Days of President Kennedy”, install and visit all the historic sites surrounding the assassination. The sites include:

Dealey Plaza where President John F Kennedy was assassinated, the Grassy Knoll, the location of a possible second gunman Monuments to President Kennedy in Dallas and Fort Worth The Hotel Texas where President Kennedy gave his last two speeches, Lee Harvey Oswald’s grave, Dallas Love Field where the President and First Lady landed, the Dallas and Fort Worth Presidential Motorcade routes, Lee Harvey Oswald’s escape route, the Texas School Book Depository containing the sniper’s nest J.D. Tippit’s grave, the police officer murdered by Lee Harvey Oswald Dallas City Hall where Jack Ruby shot Lee Harvey Oswald, Lee Harvey Oswald’s former residences, the Texas Theatre where Lee Harvey Oswald was captured, Parkland Memorial Hospital where Kennedy, Oswald and Ruby died And many more…

Short biographies are also included for: President John F Kennedy First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy President Kennedy’s assassin Lee Harvey Oswald Lee Harvey Oswald’s killer Jack Ruby Vice President Lyndon Johnson Lee Harvey Oswald’s murder victim Officer J.D. Tippit Texas Governor John Connally

The locations and biographies have recent and historic photographs as well as detailed and interesting audio recordings. This is by far the most complete Kennedy assassination tour available anywhere.


For any questions about the tour, please contact us at the email address below.




See the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository where Lee Harvey Oswald fired three shots and mortally wounded the President. Now the location of the Sixth Floor Museum

LHO’s Apartment

Discover the location of the famous backyard photos. Here Lee Harvey Oswald held the rifle that he used to assassinate Kennedy and the revolver he used to kill J.D. Tippit

JFK and Jackie

Love Field

Dallas Love Field where the President and First Lady touched down at 11:39 on Nov 22 1963. And the location where President Lyndon Johnson was sworn in as the 36th President

Oswald’s Murder

Dallas City Hall where Jack Ruby shot Lee Harvey Oswald two days after Oswald shot the President. Hear the fascinating details of the first murder televised live in the United States

Oswald’s Grave

Detailed instructions and a map to find Lee Harvey Oswald’s grave in the Rose Hill Memorial Burial Park

Beckley House

The boarding house where Lee Harvey Oswald was living at the time of Kennedy’s assassination. Stopping here to pick up a jacket and a revolver prior to his arrest

Texas Theatre

Find the Texas Theatre where Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested just over an hour after shooting President Kennedy and minutes after killing Officer J.D. Tippit

Grassy Knoll

Visit the Grassy Knoll, the location where Abraham Zapruder filmed the assassination, a National Historic Landmark and location synonymous with conspiracy.


Parkland Memorial Hospital is where John F. Kennedy, Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby all passed away. A plaque hangs in the former Trauma Room


Monuments and assassination markers for John F Kennedy in Dallas and Fort Worth, as well as markers for Jack Ruby’s trial and J.D. Tippit’s murder site.


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